Lawyers for Nursing Home/Daycare Abuse

Lawyers for Nursing Home/Daycare Abuse


At Cook Law Offices, P.C., we represent clients who have discovered that their loved one has been abused physically, emotionally or sexually. The families of victims often find bedsores on their parent or grandparent because an attendant failed to help them move periodically. Many times, dehydration has set in simply because someone was not doing their job and, all too often, short-tempered employees engage in a pattern of berating and threatening nursing home residents.

A frightening number of nursing home abuse incidents are never reported. Either signs of abuse were not noticed or they were ignored. At Cook Law Offices, P.C., we believe that placing your elderly family member in a nursing home is a challenging, but important decision. The life-changing move should not be taken lightly, requiring you to be vigilant following their admission and throughout their entire stay.

Physical injuries are usually easy to notice. If you notice bruises, cuts, or bedsores you should begin asking questions about the care your loved one is getting. Along with those signs of physical abuse, dehydration, malnutrition and over medication of a resident require immediate corrective action. A pattern of these, or more serious injuries like broken bones, should be a warning sign that something is not right in the daily operations of the nursing home.

As opposed to physical injuries, psychological damage is harder to detect. In instances of abuse, a normally outgoing and talkative family member may become withdrawn and quiet. If you have noticed a significant change in your loved one's personality, do not ignore the warning signs.

Just a few examples of defective or dangerous equipment can include:
  • A heating blanket that bursts into flames
  • Broken stair railings
  • Bed railings that were poorly designed or improperly installed
  • A bed that was not low enough to the ground and resulted in an injurious fall

We meet with parents of children suffering from broken bones, lost teeth, and even more serious injuries such as neck and brain injuries, electrocution and poisonings that occurred because of negligent supervision. In addition, unsafe toys and playground equipment can also give rise to liability on behalf of the daycare owner or the product manufacturer. Our job is to get to the facts.

Not all injuries are noticeable. Staff engaged in psychological or sexual abuse can do just as much harm to an innocent child. Daycare-related claims of this nature are more complex and rife with emotional elements. However, we are more than equipped to handle the cases.

In investigating a claim of a daycare injury, we take an in-depth approach. We review records of the child to see if there have been any instances of reckless or unsafe behavior. We study data related to the employee to see if there has been a pattern of activity. Was a background check performed on the then-applicant? Was there a failure to provide prompt medical attention? No detail is too small when so much is at stake.

Not all abuse results in scars, bruises and broken bones. Sometimes, the most serious damage is done to the mental state of the child damage you cannot detect right away. If you suspect that your child has suffered some form of corporal punishment or emotional harassment, contact an attorney at Cook Law Offices, P.C., in Texarkana, Texas.

Daycare providers and employees are trusted by hard-working parents to be vigilant in ensuring a safe environment for children. When they fall short by being neglectful or committing abuse on a child, they must be held accountable. At Cook Law Offices, P.C., we represent clients whose children have suffered emotional, physical and even sexual abuse. Your child should not have to dread going to a daycare facility. Nor should they fear abuse of any form.

While these incidents are very emotionally charged, let us handle all the legal aspects while you focus on your child's recovery. We build your daycare abuse case based on the facts. Thorough investigations coupled with the expertise of medical professionals will help us tell your story and secure the compensation you are entitled to.

Assembling a team of specific experts within hours is our strength and is critical to preserving evidence.

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